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Chace Candles®
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Chace Candles® - Never-Burn-Down Candles

Chace Candles provide permanent beauty by combining the charm and elegance of real candle flame with the convenience and appeal of permanent candles. Chace Candles are perfect for Weddings, Anniversaries, Holidays and Religious Ceremonies. For over 63 years Chace Candles have been used in gatherings ranging from local restaurants to celebrity weddings. In addition, they have been burning in the White House since the Eisenhower administration for Military personnel and dignitaries from around the world.

Chace Candles were invented in 1947 by Chace Gilmore. He patented the design and named the company in honor of his only son Chace who died in battle during World War II. Chace Candles burn a natural wax refill from within a beautiful baked enamel casing without dripping or burning down. There are no bent, wilted or burned down candles to ruin the beauty of your setting.

Each Chace Candle shell contains an interior spring unit that houses the wax refill. The spring applies an upward pressure on the wax refill, ensuring the wick and flame constantly remains at the top. Every Chace Candle is drip less, always remain the same height, never burn down, and the flame always goes out when the wax refill is consumed. Create the warm ambiance and beauty of elegant candle light for any setting or occasion with Chace Candles.

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